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Get construction loan for fix and flip, ground up construction and commercial mortgage for rental property in Massachusetts and beyond.....

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Rental Property Loan in Massachusetts

Our Residential Rental Property Loan Program enables
real estate investors to purchase single family, multifamily 2 - 4 up to 80% LTV, 5+ units and
qualified mixed use properties up to 75% LTV. Whether bridge loan or 30 years amortized commercial mortgage.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Register your business with the Secretary of State Business or Corporations Division, Obtain EIN from IRS, Open a business bank account and ask an attorney for Operating Agreement...

How do you fund deals?

We fund our deals with over $2 billion institutionalized capital, so we do not wait for the crowd!

What are your best interest rates?

For fix and flip, interest rates start from 10% to 12%, while commercial mortgage for 1 - 4 and 5+ units start from 5.5% - 9.5%.

How soon can you close on deals?

When all necessary underwriting documents summited and approved, we schedule your project for closing, which may take 10 business days...

Do you change my term in middle of the deal?

No. We base your interest rate on credit reports, experience and profitability of your project.

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